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Your website is a key part of your business future. If it’s not appearing in Google’s first page of search results, your online success is unlikely.


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Cranked SEO is the Search Engine Optimisation powerhouse for small to medium business owners who want to succeed online. The purpose of this website is to provide you with a range of options and action points to help get your website to rank on page 1 of search results. SEO advice or ideas expressed here are free for you to use and share with others. The ‘rules’ for Search Engine Optimisation for Google search change constantly, so we’ll keep this site updated regularly. I encourage you to bookmark it for your reference so you can come back again and again to learn the latest and most current methods for SEO.

If you’ve come here to learn, then let’s begin your journey to SEO fitness. First follow our 10 step SEO guide and you’ll be headed in the right direction. It’s hard work, so don’t expect to do a few minutes here and there and get amazing results! Most of these steps are fairly straight-forward in terms of implementation, if done one step at a time.

There are many types of website construction, many of which have Content Management Systems (CMS). You’ll most likely need full administrator rights to your site’s CMS, or be able to access all of your content via FTP to make the required changes.

Optimising a website for Google or Bing searches takes both persistence and patience. Given enough free time, we’re sure you can learn the key elements yourself, but most business people tend to be time poor. Once you’ve mastered SEO, you’ll also need to spend time every week keeping your skills current, because the search environment changes constantly. I recommend that you set aside a regular time slot every week to practice and learn SEO, however, don’t stress over this, because business owners often discover that the most efficient solution is to hire an SEO specialist.

You wanna get this done without even breaking a sweat? No problem!

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Most people don’t bother searching in Google beyond page 1 of search results. In fact, about 98% of all Google organic search referrals come from page 1 of search results. Only the most persistent will look at page 2 or later. So the key to successful SEO is to have your website appearing on page 1 for at least 1 of your most important referring keywords. But keep in mind: A quality referring keyword is one that people actually use to try to find what you offer! Optimising for words they don’t use is no value to you!

Google Page 1 Clicks 98%
Google Page 2 Clicks 1.5%
Google Page 3 Clicks 0.5%
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SEO will affect your website’s profitability.

The main point of hiring an SEO services provider, or practicing recommended SEO methods on and around your website is to make your business more profitable or your information more easily accessible to its key audience. This means that good SEO work may not even increase your site’s visitor numbers, but rather it should increase the quality of those visits. A quality visitor is one that is ready to do business, or is actively searching for what you offer.

The connection between SEO and business profitability

You’ll also need to consider what happens to the website visitor once they reach your site. Getting your visitors to take the steps you want them to take, like buying an item, or viewing a certain page, is called Conversion Rate Optimisation. There are many different types of conversions.




I strongly believe that when hiring an SEO services provider you should only hire one that can get themselves into Google’s first page for at least one main SEO related keyword phrase, like ‘SEO services’ for example. SEO services providers’ websites have to compete in a very competitive environment for rank – obviously because each of their competitors works in the field of SEO too. That’s really to your advantage because it becomes very easy to see which one can do the job, and which one is distinctly second rate at it. At least if you hire someone from page 1, you are hiring one of the top 10.


What is SEO anyway?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It falls into two major types: on-page and off-page, and several subtypes: like technical SEO or copywriting, but the key to getting it right is to build the right balance and volume of all types and parts together into a single overall strategy that is designed to appeal to and obey the guidelines of search engines like Google.

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Arguably the biggest and most important part of SEO is about building the right website content – texts, images, videos and so-on, but other elements are also very important. The great news is that as a business owner you will be the best person to create or collect the right stuff as the building blocks, and your SEO provider becomes the one who assembles it in the right shape.



If your website already gets page 1 search impressions in Google for some of your main keywords, then you can still greatly benefit from further SEO work. Why? Because on page 1, a single place improvement can make a big difference to the average number of clicks that it could generate through to your website. A rise of one place can gain 20-40% in click-throughs. A rise of two places can gain roughly 100%. Rising from tenth place to first place is about a 1500% increase in probability of click-through!

Position 1 gets 32.5% of clicks
Position 2 gets 17.6% of clicks
Position 3 gets 11.4% of clicks
Position 4 gets 8.1% of clicks
Position 5 gets 6.1% of clicks
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Perry Bernard

About Perry Bernard

I’m a self-taught SEO specialist, employed at Forge Online – a website design company based in Auckland. My fascination with Google search and SEO practices started in 2006 when I operated my own online businesses. I’d discovered by accident that increasing texts on the site and making the effort to update content really helped my ranking in Google. I really didn’t have a clue how this worked, but it’s where my journey into SEO started.

Soon enough I came to realise Google was using a system that worked on vast collections of words and statistics – and that my post-graduate studies of Linguistics really helped me in figuring out the relationships between language and their search algorithms (software).

By 2013 I built my first #1 ranked SEO Services website using what I thought were the right SEO techniques of the time. All through 2013 and 2014 Google issued major updates to their search algorithm that turned SEO upside-down for many, and this made me realise that SEO work was going to be a daily exercise. It just couldn’t be left alone, and I had to learn new things every day to be able to keep up. By mid-2014 my second SEO site hit top position and has remained there steadily since.

I authored this site firstly because I want to share some of things I have learned, and secondly because I’d like to deliver SEO services to small enterprises and actually make a real positive difference to their online presence. The SEO services market has been clouded in the last few years by international fraudsters offering guarantees they could never deliver on, and this resulted in a negative perception of providers in the industry. Let’s change that perception!

Best of luck with optimising your website!

Perry Bernard

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